Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AR Navigation Supplies wins NORCAL-AR #2 at Almaden Quicksilver, San Jose, CA

Well the results are out and they show that we won the Norcal-AR #2 as
the only team to clean the whole course in 6 hours of suffering.
After a very fast 1st section where we were trailing Kent by 1 minute
we came back to win when Kent missed CP 7 on his way to the bike
transition. The last 2 CP's were a real struggle as we had ran out
of water and still has about an hour of hard riding to do. As always
Mari was super tough and kept us all moving along while Andy provided
the horsepower to tow me around the whole run at an insane pace.

Thanks to Brunton, INOV-8 and Ritchey for providing us with the best
gear. With the bike loaded with Ritchey carbon components the hills
were much easier and running the descents were super safe in the
INOV-8 shoes. I have to be honest I didnt break out the compass once
in this all trail event but Brunton were there if we needed them.

Look out for the complete story later this week.

Cheers, Mark.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AR Navigation Supplies Racing NORCAL-AR Sprint

AR Navigation Supplies will be racing this weekend at the NORCAL-AR Sprint at Quick Silver Park in San Jose.  Come see Andy, Mari and Mark race in their new team kit.  I'll post pictures and a race report next week.