Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Navigation Challenge Book Reviews

Just a few of the reviews we've received for the Navigation Challenge books.

"Thanks for a great first book.  I am using it to help teach my 10 year old about land navigation."

"Having a great time with this. Just got Vol. 2 in the mail. Will be attacking it soon." 

"I've been waiting for a book like yours to come out so I can get some armchair as well as good foundational skills in.  I practice in the mountains near by as well as the expansive coulees outside of my community but there is always room for improvement."  

"Gwen and I started Volume 1 of the desktop challenge.  Wow!! It is excellent, fun and educational.  You did a lot of work.  As team manager, I will have the RWG team members get this"

"Thanks for putting together such a fun winter activity!   I navigate primarily in Canada with 1:50k maps, and all my nav supplies (compasses, AR tools, etc) are calibrated metric, so it took a little getting used to, but it is fun."

"Thanks for doing this.  I love to keep my nav skills sharp and this is the right thing for it."

"i love the book.  i use it to teach new navigators some nav techinques."

"I received the Navigation Challenge book today, wow that was fast.    Haven't had a chance to study it yet but at first glance looks like a great tool. "