Sunday, July 12, 2009

Deep Thoughts, by GSisler

Taper should be a 4 letter word. Normally if you told me I got to sit around, watch baseball, tour de france and just about anything else that comes on TV, I'd be really excited. See, I run 100 miles, but I'm also really lazy. I like doing nothing, but that's because when I'm training, I'm doing a lot!
Tapering is different. You're not allowed to do anything. I love running because it relaxes me, it's fun, and I like being outside. When I'm stressed, or busy at work, a good run clears the head and brings me back to normal. Well, with a 100 miler coming down on me in 7 days, I start to get nervous! I'm not sleeping as well (because I'm not exercising) and I'm thinking about the race that's coming up. Normally, I would just go for a run and then everything would be fine, BUT I CAN'T!!! I have to taper. Stupid taper. Like I said, Taper should be a 4 letter word.

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