Monday, December 7, 2009

Volume 2 of the Navigation Challenge Book from AR Navigation Supplies.

Volume 2 of the very popular Table Top Adventure Race and Navigation Challenge Book from AR Navigation Supplies is now available for order.  The latest edition is designed as an Expedition Length Race and includes some more difficult challenges involving triangulation, magnetic declination and route choice as well as speed, time and distance calculations.  You will also find the traditional UTM and bearing plotting techniques found in the first edition.  

Volume 2 contains 12 navigation challenges in an Expedition Race format based in the Lake Tahoe region of Northern California.  The goal is to find your way around each map by following the rules of travel, plotting the route and answering the questions presented for each CP.  If you get lost there is a help section that will guide you through the common navigation techniques and adventure racing terms to get you back on track.

The book is designed to allow navigators to practice and improve their navigation skills while at home, in the office or traveling.   All you need is a compass or protractor, UTM tool, a pencil and you're ready for a table top adventure that will test your skills and improve your navigation regardless of your current expertise.  

Challenge your friends to the table top competition and see who should be the team navigator at the next race, it may surprise you.

For all the details on the Navigation Challenges and a preview of the first volume follow the link below.  

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