Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts, by GSisler

I think deep thoughts might be a bit strong, but I always was a fan of Jack Handy, he did make me laugh on the Saturday Night Live skits, so I figured that was a good name. If you have no clue, what I'm talking about, then go to:
http://www.deepthoughtsbyjackhandey.com/ It's a fun read when you should be doing work.
So Coach Mark Manning told me that I was allowed to blog. It's a bit scary for him, and for me b/c I'm not very good at filtering my thoughts and sarcasm doesn't come over a piece of paper that well, so there's a good chance that people think I'm a jerk. Mark figures that excluding family and friends, no one will really read this, so it doesn't matter that much. Well, we will see.
For now, I don't really have a ton to say, but as things pop up as I'm running they will. The main focus for the next month is going to be the Tahoe Rim 100 miler. I just got my new Inov8's today, so I've got a month to get them ready to take on 100 miles of Tahoe's best trail. I've done several 50 milers and a 100km in the Roclite 285's, but now it's time to see if they can last the full 100 miles. The first pairs already have a couple hundred miles each on them, and so far, so good!
I've got a hill repeat workout with Coach Manning tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have something articulate (is cursing articulate) to say after that!

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