Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 5 Update

Hi Everyone, here is the update for day 5.
We finished the stage in 26th place after I had another really tough day. Craig was super strong even though he had seized bearings in his cranks. They're being changed by the mechanics right now.

Todays stage was sick. The first half was a super fast dirt road. Craig and I stayed with the pro's until the first control at about 10 miles. After that the climb started and everything broke up. We rode a great race until the final climb where I cracked again. Craig dragged me a good way until we hit a section where we had to carry our bikes up about 800 feet.

After that was a totally stupid downhill section down a dry riverbed full of rocks. Apart from the amount of bike carting we have to do, this was the most retarded part of the race. Some people liked it but it seemed most hated it.

I have no idea where we are in the general clasification but I think we mush have slipped a few places.

They're telling us about tomorows stage which will be about 60 miles with at least an hour of bike pushing and about 9000' of elevation gain.

Only 2 more stages to go!

I'll let you know how it goes.


Craig and Mark

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