Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fwd: End of 1st Day

Subject: End of 1st Day

We survived day 1 but what a day.  I have thrown away one tire after it suffered a 1 inch gash in the side.  We lost about 15 minutes while we changed it in the middle of a snow and hail storm at about 8000 feet.

We finished 29th in the 80 plus group in 5 hours 22 minutes.  Probably pushed and carried our bikes for 2 hours cos it was too wet and muddy to ride.

So many people missed the cutoff but I guess they'll still be racing tomorrow.

The bikes survived the day without any major problems.

Tomorrow will be a big day with 3 times the climbing and probably a bunch more bike pushing.

The views are spectacular when the sky clears and we haven't seen any bears on the trails yet.

Now we're in tent city with bags of gear to keep us warm.  The tents are quite large so it's not too bad.

Craig is about to give himself a little massage so no pictures right now.

Hopefully we'll send another update tomorrow but it's an early morning so it will have to wait.


Mark and Craig.

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