Thursday, August 14, 2008

End of day 2!

Subject: End of day 2!

Well they didn't lie, today was so much harder than yesterday.  More carrying the bikes and a lot more difficult trails.  We finished in 7 hours 34 minutes and 9th place.  This fantastic placing was due to half the field getting lost and climbing an additional 1000' with their bikes on their backs.  We were the lucky ones and only added about 100' before we did a bushwhack through the woods to find the right trail.  Both Craig and I had bad moments today where we were suffering way more than the other.  Me on a really long technical downhill that I really hated, Craig loved it.  And Craig on the endless climbs with little oxygen.  But as a team we pulled each other through and finished strong.

Getting back with a high placing really had it's benefits today.  No line for the bike wash or the shower.

We're camping at a fantastic location for the next 2 nights as tomorrow start and finish are both here in Nipkta.

Tomorrow we have a 40 km TT which looks fairly flat but I'm sure will be technical.

We've had dinner an squirreled away extra food for the late night snack.  Now it's time to relax and watch the sun go down before we fall asleep.

No cell service out here so you be recieving a bunch of updates all at once.

Talk to you all soon.

Mark & Craig

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