Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fwd: Day 3

Subject: Day 3

After a HUGE effort on day 2, we were happy to learn day 3 would be a time trial format allowing for a little extra sleep.  We were slotted at the beginning of the first start wave.

We hit the start line determined to put in a good effort.  47km and 1500m of Nipka single track lied ahead of us!

The track was, in a word, awesome.  We enjoyed fast singletrack, technical shoots and spectacular views of one of the most beuatiful rivers I have ever seen.

We passed many teams in the first 10k which gave us a clean look at the singletrack the whole day.

On one technical descent we managed to scare the support motocross rider who promptly crashed and barely left us room to pass.

We finished in 3:45 which netted us 18th place on the day and moved us into the top 20 in our division.

We were both pretty sore after 3 days of racing so I was able to convince Mark to take a 15 min ice bath in the river.

Tomorrow is another long one.  We are sad to leave Nipika, our comfortable home for 2 days, but are eager to see more of this beautiful country.


Craig and Mark

Team ARNavsupplies/Boo Coo Gear

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